The Last of Us - Joel Fall Version

Michael enea joel2
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Michael enea p1210430

What's up everybody, this is my second version of Joel from The Last of Us.

I previously made a version of Joel, that features him in his iconic green shirt with a couple of grimy spots on his clothes. For this version of Joel I decided to go for a much cleaner look and also used a different head sculpt.

Personally I still prefer the first head sculpt I worked with only slightly over this version, but that is just my preference. As per usual, I removed the original paint and applied a variety of soft oil free pastels on his skin and then mixed them with acrylics for his eyes and hair.

I love the fact, that Troy Baker himself is also a musician, so it makes perfect sense to add a nice little guitar, but I'm already thinking about painting a third version of Joel.

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