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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Naked Snake Play Arts Kai Sneaking Suit Custom Doll

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is one the best PSP games of all time. The fact, that it is also fun on Vita and in the Metal Gear HD Collection only shows, that it really is a fun game. No matter if it’s Solid Snake or Naked Snake, Snake always has a cool uniform, but truth be told, the sneaking suit from Peace Walker might just be my favourite sneaking suit of all time.

I love subtle complementary contrast in color and color theory is something my old art teacher was great at teaching me. The suit is mostly blue, but you have just enough yellow and orange and golden details, that stick out.

I used the original Play Arts Kai version of Snake as a base and also fixed a broken elbow joint by completely removing it and using a custom joint. I completely repainted Snake and if you want to learn how I painted his face, you can check out my youtube channel and maybe you’ll give it a try yourself.

Michael enea p1230082
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