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Ryan Gosling 1/6 scale repaint V.2

This is my repaint of a 1/6 scale Ryan Gosling custom head sculpt.

I did this one a lot more recently and it's my second attempt at a Ryan Gosling head sculpt. I mentioned in a post before that human skin rarely looks perfect and small imperfections make it special. You do want a good balance between flawless looking skin and small imperfections, wanted or unwanted, but I still added a shot of my previous Ryan paintjob.

I'm not too familiar with this camera, so I decided to retake a shot with this one instead of simply using the same images as before. If you look closely at the second picture with the brown collar you'll see the difference and improvement in painting. At the top of his lip and on the side of his nose there are little brown spots that don't exactly ruin the sculpt, but they are annoying little imperfections to me.

As a result this new head has been painted a lot cleaner. There are still issues I had to tweak out because the material this has been casted in is definitely inferior to the first head, but a lot of art is making the best with the tools you are given. The initial paint job is better than it was with the first head, but the eyes were clearly way too red and with the second to last picture you can see spots on his skin where the cast was probably damaged, as a result the paint didn't stick the way I wanted it to stick and I had to iron out the little spots on his cheek.

I will take better shots with my regular camera and see what can be done to improve the flaws of the first head. For those wondering where I bought both heads, the first head is known online as "LAPD Swat Officer" and I got the second one by looking on ebay for Ryan Gosling head sculpts.

Both heads are great, but personally the first head nails the overall proportions of each detail in relation to one another. The second head has some minor issues, but the nose looks a lot more filigree and his jawline has been pronounced a tad bit less.

Michael enea img 5396
Michael enea img 5342
Michael enea img 5387
Michael enea img 5350
Michael enea img 5305