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Spider-Man Black Venom Symbiote Custom Action Figure

Over the years Spidey had more costumes than I own dolls, but out of all his looks, I just adore the Symbiote. The blue hoodie version of Scarlet Spider only tops it just slightly, but black Spider-Man is a pretty close second.

So about the figure.

I sculpted the head myself and used a body of Kraven the Hunter as a base. Kinda funny considering Kraven once dressed up in this exact outfit. It makes him look more muscular, but I always felt like the Symbiote should make Spider-Man look a bit more muscular, but you can also just pretend it’s a skinny Venom.

Michael enea spideyheader kopie
Michael enea 2
Michael enea 3
Michael enea p1220557
Michael enea 1