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Ryan Gosling - Hey Girl Custom Painted Doll

Hey girl, wanna know what this bad boy was made from?

Boyfriend Material.

I'm sorry, I really couldn't resist, look, I just wanted another reason to paint a Ryan Gosling head sculpt and I also get to make a terrible joke about boyfriend material. It's not even that subtle, like... "get it, material?"

I've probably gone insane by now. I'm worse than that woman who sells dish towels with Ryan's face on.
For the record, Drive, The Nice Guys, and Blue Valentine are my favourite Gosling films. He was also really funny on SNL. Right, about the figure, something something pastel chalk, scratch it down to a soft powder, use acrylics to paint the eyes and hair, I need a drink, I'm weirded out by my own obsession with Ryan Gosling. If you think this is the weirdest toy I've ever done, just go ahead and ask me about that one time a customer wanted a purple skinned, naked, muscular demon with a sexy face. True story.

I don't think this has adult content, I mean his shirt is unbuttoned, but eh.

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