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Hotline Miami - Jacket Custom Action Figure

What's up everybody, for today I have something quite special for you all, it's Jacket, the hero from Hotline Miami.

I used a Sota Toys Spike body with some Tomb Raider arms with some Tamiya Epoxy Putty to sculpt all the details. Sculpting a chicken head is one thing, but sculpting a chicken head, that also needs to look creepy was probably one of the weirder things I ever had to do, but I just adore Hotline Miami.

In case your wondering, in order to get all the details in there, I mostly rely on sewing needles to sculpt all the smaller little parts, such as the front of the owl mask. I didn't just want to slap some paint on Jacket and call it a day, instead I went the extra mile and basically painted a high quality acrylics painting of our hero onto a small action figure. If you properly mix your acrylics with water, you'll get a nice layer of paint, and each little brush stroke just adds more detail and character. Ultimately I always also apply soft oil free pastels for shading.

Michael enea miami night lights panorama vice
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