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Marvel Legends - Female Lady Punisher Custom Toy

The Punisher is by far one of the coolest designs in Marvel history, so I decided to make a female Lady Punisher. Angelina Jolie would probably make for a great Punisher, but I could also imagine Anne Hathaway or someone like Charlize Theron or Ruth Negga.

I sculpted the body based on a Tomb Raider doll to capture the look of the Punisher and for the logo I went with the design from the Tom Jane incarnation. I have also uploaded a tutorial on how to sculpt and paint the armour and you can check it out on my Youtube channel to see how you can do it yourself.

I also added a hood similar to Spider-Gwen and with a red hood, a blue ribbon on the hair, and some yellow highlights on the chest logo we even have some subtle color contrast.

The Punisher also comes with two customised Gears of War Lancers, because what’s really a better weapon to give the Punisher and I also have videos up that teach you how to paint rifles.

Michael enea how to paint lady punisher
Michael enea p1240091
Michael enea p3
Michael enea p1
Michael enea p2