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Batman: The Telltale Series - Batman Custom Action Figure

Batman is one of my favourite comic book characters and I love Telltale ever since I first played The Walking Dead, so naturally I had to play Batman: The Telltale Series and I was pleasantly surprised to see how Telltale managed to capture the essence of Batman while still adding a fresh take. Out of all the changes, turning Oswald Cobblepot into an old childhood friend of Bruce Wayne has become my favourite addition. He now feels a lot closer to someone like Harry Osborn from Spider-Man, but it probably means that we won’t see Thomas Elliot in Telltale Batman anytime soon.

I sculpted the body to capture the look of the Batsuit in the game and while my all time favourite Batman uniform is the one from Batman Beyond, this suit captures the black and grey color scheme while also giving Batman the body armour look we saw in Arkham Origins. I decided to make metal shoulder pads and added magnets on them and his body, this way they can easily be attached without hurting the articulation.

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