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Ryan Gosling - Drive - 1/6 Scale Custom Painted Doll

Ryan Gosling has been in a lot of amazing movies over the years. He has become one of my favorite actors, just because he can be quiet and reserved, but also really funny. At this point I’ve seen The Nice Guys at least ten times. But out of all his films, my favourite remains Drive.
I love a ton of different films, I like all the Fast & Furious films, I like Transporter one and two, but to me there is truly something special about Drive, and one of those things is the lead character. The nameless but not emotionless Driver.

This head sculpt didn’t initially look like Driver at all. If you want to see what he looked like, you can check out my older post and my page for more work in progress pictures. I had to remove the original paint and as per usual I began with his lips and skin and finished him by adding eyes and hair. In order to get a realistic skin tone, I use soft oil free pastels.

Michael enea drive header
Michael enea 1 3
Michael enea 2 3
Michael enea 3 3
Michael enea p1220157