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Collateral - Vincent 1/6 scale head repaint

This is a my interpretation of a 1/6 scale custom head sculpt based on Tom Cruise. When it arrived it was already painted and the sculpt was cleanly shaven. I sculpted the stubble five o' clock shadow on top and then repainted the entire head to make him look like his character Vincent from the 2004 movie Collateral.

This was also the first time I painted a 1/6 scale head entirely just with pastels for the skin and acrylics for the eyes and hair.

To me there are still flaws sticking out like his left eyebrow having too much brown or spots of skin and beard not looking the way I imagined them, but human skin is rarely perfect, so if you feel discouraged by painting, just know that a lot of it doesn't have to be perfect and it's ok to let go of that ideal version of what it needs to be like in your head.

Even as my first attempt I still say this looks still quite nice but the way I apply skin texture to these heads is certainly bound to improve with each head.

Michael enea p1010277
Michael enea p1010279
Michael enea p1010272
Michael enea p1010275
Michael enea p1010268