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Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark Iron Man Custom Painted Doll

What's up everybody, I'm back with one of my most beloved actors in toy form. Hey am I that weirdo from Iron Man 3, who makes dolls of Mr Stark?

In my defence, I only painted this bad boy and added a nice clean suit with a black undershirt. Painting head sculpts is great, but I kinda sorta already have the drive to completely remove the paint and do him all over again.

Right, oil free pastels, scratched down to a soft powder, apply in circular small motion with a clean brush, mix them with acrylics and heavily watered down shades of red to paint his eyes, finish him off with some gloss varnish on the eyes to make them look more translucent.

Hey, you should totally check me out on youtube and twitter, so you can tell me why I'm wrong for loving Iron Man 3 more than any other MCU film. In my defence again, I just adore Shane Black, maybe I'll make a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang version of RDJr next.

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