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Tom Cruise - Vincent in Collateral Custom Painted Doll

I remember seeing Collateral on television as a kid, and immediately the next day I went out, bought the DVD and it’s been in my possession ever since. There is something truly haunting about Vincent, at times he can be nihilistic and cold, but then there are small moments where you wonder if he could be your best friend, just talking about jazz and also probably what gun to use and what’s the best way of hiding a body.

In order to get a realistic skin tone, I use soft oil free pastels. After scratching the paint down to a soft powder, I can apply it to the surface similar to make up and create the illusion of layered and translucent skin. In order to get the eyes just right I used acrylics mixed in with pastels and heavily watered down shades of red to paint the veins on his eyes.

There's already a post of Vincent on ArtStation, but I decided to go back, clean him and paint him again.

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Michael enea 1 2
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