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Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid Liquid Snake Custom Doll

Liquid Snake might just be one of the best villains in Metal Gear history. I know we all love The Boss in MGS3, but the fact that Liquid is a clone of Solid makes him that much more menacing to me. Apparently Eli in Metal Gear Solid 5 is also Liquid, but honestly at this point Konami might just retcon everything and thinking about pachinko machines makes me depressed.

The original version of Liquid came with a smiling head sculpt, I didn’t really like that and you can just google Play Arts Kai Liquid and see what he looked like. I decided to make my own version based on Solid Snake, after all they are twins and if you want to see how I painted his face, you can check out my youtube channel for a tutorial on how to paint head sculpts.

Michael enea p1220811
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