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Fallout New Vegas - Custom NCR Ranger Action Figure

So here's a nice little blast from the past, I sculpted and painted this little bad boy back in 2013, this must have been one of the first times I even used pastels to give my sculpts more definition and smoother shadows.

The plastic coat really is like a small little canvas, and mixing acrylics with pastels truly creates some nice shadows and highlights. I also sculpted his helmet, revolver and the rifle. The revolver naturally fits in his holster and has the NCR Ranger slogan sculpted into the side, and the Anti-Material-Rifle has a little magnet sculpted inside, so it can stick to his back.

For the record, I remember being so happy the first time I got that sweet ranger coat in the game. You had to do so many quests though to get your reputation high enough, my nephew always preferred to just shoot random NCR Rangers and steal their armour. Man...I love Fallout.

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