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Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain: Punished / Venom Snake Custom Figure

Venom Snake is one of the coolest designs in the entire Metal Gear canon, the fact that Snake now looks like a literal demon with his horn, tail and red arm is probably the biggest character change we saw in Metal Gear.

I used a Metal Boss inflames head sculpt as a base and completely re-sculpted his face to add scars and horns and also his eye patch.

As per usual I began with the lips and worked my way towards the edges of his head and finished him by adding his eye and hair.

He also comes with a darker and a brighter scarf, because after all you can also switch out the scarf in the game.

I also sculpted his bionic arm and used a thin cloth to sew his shoulder pads and the thing on his knee. I love the bionic arm because it pretty much allows you to show articulation without having to hide it.

Michael enea p1230201
Michael enea p1230220
Michael enea p1230228
Michael enea p1230192
Michael enea p1230213