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Metal Gear Solid 5 Venom Snake Custom Doll

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain was a ton of fun to play. It sucks that you can’t really talk about Metal Gear anymore without mentioning Konami and Kojima, and it sucks that the game we ended up playing lacked content, but I still don’t regret having played it. If anything I got way too addicted to building my base and unlocking all the items. The design for Punished / Venom Snake is really cool, and I couldn’t decide which outfit to make, so I just made a couple of versions of Snake.

This version obviously comes with a black camo fatigue. I bleached out the original camo and painted his outfit myself. The head sculpt arrived unpainted, so all I needed to do was clean it and seal it before I could add a new paint job. As per usual I began with the lips and worked my way towards the edges of his head and finished him by adding his eye and hair. With Snake I also sculpted his bionic arm and this version has the ability to actually open and close the palm.

Michael enea p1230124
Michael enea p1230111
Michael enea p1230131
Michael enea p1230137
Michael enea p1230139