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Mad Max Fury Road - Hot Toys Style 1/6 Scale Custom Doll

What a lovely d... you know what, let's skip the obvious puns, but it is a lovely day indeed. Man, I wish they'd used "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers in that movie during the credits.

Oh right, almost forgot to talk about the doll itself. So Mad Max Fury Road is an awesome film and an awesome film needs to get an awesome custom figure. I saw this cheap head sculpt online, bought it, resculpted some minor details here and there to fix him and then as per usual I applied a mixture of soft oil free pastels and acrylics to paint the perfect portrait of Max. I rarely sculpt weapons, but making a shotgun from scratch was a fun challenge and his scarf is actually just a stocking, which goes to show, that in the right hands anything can be useful.

The thumbnail now reads DMAX RYROAD, for some reason this really makes me laugh, I'm sorry, I have to leave it like this now, I'll crop my other thumbs, but Dmax Ryroad sounds like an 80s wrestler.

Michael enea mmmm
Michael enea p1200488
Michael enea p1200492
Michael enea p1200508
Michael enea p1200512