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John Wick Chapter 2 Custom Doll

What a time to be alive! John Wick was so cool, I decided to make my own custom action figure.

You can also check out the video version here:

For a ton of more pics check out my site:

I used a heavily modified Kumik John Wick head sculpt with a standard slim body. I know John usually wears a black suit with a black shirt, but personally I prefer the white shirt with a vest look and I went with something a bit more reminiscent of the Matrix with a long coat.

John Wick uses more guns on a regular basis than most people use tooth brushes, and for that I went with a regular pistol with a working slide and magazine. His assault rifle comes with a little scope and you can actually shut it open and close.

In order to get a realistic skin tone, I use soft oil free pastels. After scratching the paint down to a soft powder, I can apply it to the surface similar to make up and create the look of layered skin.

Michael enea johnwickheader
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