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Michael Enea
Michael Enea
Writer, Journalist, Sculptor, Painter
Fürth, Germany


I’m a 25 year old boy next door type who sculpts and paints toys and shows them to people on the internet!

I also love writing, be it essays, reviews, capricious articles of all sorts or just plain old stories.

In all seriousness, after finishing my bachelor’s thesis about metaphors in horror and completing all the necessary courses in only two years of studying, I decided to use my remaining time as a student of Theater and Media Sciences as well as English and American studies in various productive ways.

So I started writing and learning about pretty much all the popular culture we consume. My college education helped me get a better understanding of the more critical and analytical side of art and how patterns, structure, tropes and stylistic devices function.

My filmic education began with me as a child drawing crude storyboards and developed into a deep knowledge of not only the history of the medium, but also the practical capabilities. Aperture, lenses, lighting, framing and setting up a shot, as well as the usage of Final Cut Pro, Audacity, Photoshop, Gimp and various other programs represent the tools at my disposal.

With writing being my biggest passion and something I consider second nature to me, I then applied for an internship at one of Germany’s biggest video game magazine publications. For six months I had been given the opportunity to have my articles published online and in print, while simultaneously creating video content inside the offices of,, and all the remaining publications of Computec.

The art of writing for games, balancing the tightrope between player agency and a linear story and the variety of design philosophies, which can all be expressed through gaming are but a few aspects that make this medium so special to me.

I have written more stories, essays, chapter long scripts, short pitches, than I can keep count as I believe only with practice can we improve and on my site you’ll find a small sampling of various written contributions by me.

I also enjoy the audience interaction outside of writing and my travels brought me to various stages and open mic nights, where I was allowed to perform for people in Germany and the United Kingdom.

You can always catch me working on some project, be it a digital or physical sculpt, a video essay, a short film, a podcast with friends or working on something I can probably not talk about.

So if you are looking to score drugs I’m probably not your guy, but if you wanna spend your money on a unique quality customized figure this is the right spot. My customs have been featured in an interview with ubisoft and I’ve also done commission work for voice and mo-cap actors.

I’ve been doing this in my spare time since 2007 and love to offer people tips and advice on how to improve your own skills.

So if you wanna ask me a question, hire me, or just tell me to go out and get a real job, you can do so on twitter – just remember to tell all your friends and family about me.



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Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro


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    • TV Production
      PC Games presents Better Together - Your Online Community Gaming Show
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      Co-Host, Director of Photography, Propmaster
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      Computec Media GmbH


  • Internship (Journalism) at Computec Media GmbH
    Fuerth, Germany
    February 2013 - September 2013

    As an Intern for Computec Media GmbH it was my responsibility to publish various types of content, ranging from online features, videos, commentary, articles and news to comprehensive guides. Not only did I succeed and demonstrate my passion by becoming an integral part of their online television production, I also acquired and improved my own set of skills. In a professional work environment, the most helpful tool I mastered, was the ability to quickly and effectively solve problems, that occurred during the daily routine.